Roadworks April 10th 2017

Road work associated with the Stanton Renewal Project will be recommencing on Monday April 10th after being on hold for the winter. Blasting will commence shortly after; estimated to begin on April 13th. Blasting monitors will be installed at the hospital by the end of March to ensure that patients are not unduly disrupted.

The upper end of Byrne road will be closed for construction, extending beside the hospital. This closure will impact access to the hospital parking lot. A temporary access road will remain open for two way traffic; from the base of Byrne road to the front doors of the hospital. Closed areas are highlighted in yellow on the attached map, and will be clearly identified with signage and fences. Trail access will be maintained.

Boreal Health Partnership staff continues to work closely with the City of Yellowknife and the Fire Department to ensure emergency access to the hospital is maintained. Please continue to obey all signage and redirections while the roadwork is ongoing.

This area is expected to remain closed until July 17 for continued work.

Thank you for your ongoing patience with the construction required for the Stanton Renewal Project and for helping to keep the patients informed. We will continue to try to build improvements with as little disruption to existing services as possible. If the situation changes, we will update you as quickly as possible.

Regular road closure updates will be provided weekly.