Floorplans for the New Hospital

Orient yourself to the much larger footprint of the new Stanton Territorial Hospital. Notice how each floor represents a distinct landscape and colour scheme with a corresponding animal from the North.

Click here to view.

New Stanton Hospital Interactive Graphic

An interactive image highlighting improvements patients will see in the new Stanton Territorial Hospital.

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Interior Design Concept Boards

Developed by Kasian Architects, these interior design concept boards are a visual representation of how the new hospital will look. 

Download the Stanton Interior Design Concept Boards (20MB PDF file).

Project Report

Provides a general overview of the financing, project agreement, and governance of the Stanton Renewal Project.

Download the Stanton Project Report (1MB PDF file).

Project Agreement

The full project agreement that sets out the terms of the project and the responsibilities of the GNWT and the Boreal Health Partnership..

Download the Stanton Project Agreement (99MB PDF file).

Fairness Report

A report produced by a an independent party to examine the fairness of the procurement process for the Stanton Renewal Project

Download the Final Fairness Advisor Report (588KB PDF file).